Testing your integration

Test your integration to check out Okra's features, and the data that Okra provides.

Get test credentials

Check out the API Keys page in the Dashboard to retrieve your sandbox credentials.

  • The client token is a unique ID that represents you, as a client. You must use it together with your public API key in your Okra implementation. Client tokens can be used in both Sandbox and Production environments.
  • The public API key, along with the client token is used to authenticate your API calls implementation.
  • The secret API key is a JWT bearer token that you must use for authentication on the API level.

Set up the environment

During your integration phase, set up the sandbox environment in these interfaces: the API, your Okra apps, and the dashboard.

In the API

Set your base URL to https://api.okraapi.com/v2/sandbox/. Check out Okra's API environments for more details.

In the Dashboard

Select Test mode in the top right.

Interact with the API

Make sure that you read through the Okra API overview to understand the specifics of interacting with the Okra API, like request and response formats, pagination, and rate limiting.

  1. Select your Okra Sandbox environment.
  2. In the Okra API Reference collection, select Bank → Get list of banks.
  3. Click Send and check the response.

If you set everything up correctly, this endpoint operation returns a list of banks that Okra supports.

Next steps

When you finish testing your implementation and feel confident about the results, it's time to discuss going live.

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