Check out the different channels that you can use to get direct support from the Okra team. Get in touch if you need information, get stuck with your integration, or when you have concerns about how your data is used as an end user.


The answers to the most common questions that might pop up during an integration process can be found in the developer documentation. Make sure that you go through the onboarding pages and get familiar with the API reference.

If you come across a topic in the documentation that you find hard to understand, or if you cannot find an answer to your question in the documentation, get in touch and let us know!

Join Okra's Developer Community on Slack if you have technical questions or need help with your integration.

Non-technical customers

If you are interested in Okra's services and have questions, reach out to Okra's sales team! They can help you understand what Okra does and provide answers to your questions.

End users

As an end user, you have control over your linked accounts and the data that you share via any of the apps that Okra is integrated with. Visit My Okra to:

  • check the types of data that you shared,
  • see the times and dates when your data was accessed,
  • unlink any account that you connected.

If you have any concerns, get in touch with Okra's support team.

Report an issue

If you run into something unexpected during your integration or after your product goes live, report the issue through any of these channels:

Via email

Send an email to directly to Okra's support team. To speed things up, make sure that you explain the issue in as much detail as possible.

Via the Okra dashboard

You can report issues directly from the Okra dashboard. Once you log in, click on Help in the top right and select Contact support. You can then explain and send the issue through a contact form.

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