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This page guides you through your onboarding with Okra. If you need help, get in touch at

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1. Onboard with Okra

Join us in building the open finance infrastructure that empowers developers and businesses to drive economic growth across Africa.

Sign up and complete compliance

Top up your Wallet

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2. Build and embed your app

We make it easy for you to integrate with Okra in your favourite languages and frameworks.

How to build

App Builder

Set up webhooks

Set up a redirect URL

How to embed

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3. Test your app

You can test API endpoints, generate test users, connect test accounts, and even implement webhooks.

Get test credentials

Set up the environment

Create a test customer

Connect a bank account

Check out the data

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4. Go live

Switch to production and test some more with a 100 free API calls. Our engineers and sales team are ready to support you in launching your app.

Go through the final steps

Follow the best practices

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