Integration checklist

Follow this guide for a successful integration

1️⃣ Integrate the widget

When integrating the Widget, make sure that:

  • Your users register an account with your application first before they access the Okra Widget.
  • You customize your own Widget
  • You implement the Success and Close callback functions.


Okra strongly recommends that you register your users with your own platform before implementing the widget.

2️⃣ Handle errors

Make sure that your integration can handle, and log the request_id of:

  • 400 and 401 errors
  • 500 Errors
  • Timeout errors

Okra recommends that you log the request_id in case you need to reach out to the support team. This ID can help speed up the troubleshooting process.

3️⃣ Handle responses

Make sure that your integration handles:

  • 201 Success responses
  • Pagination. Read more about how the Okra API returns paginated results in the API reference.

4️⃣ Webhooks

If your integration uses recurrent links, make sure that you:

  • Set up a webhook URL in the Dashboard so you can receive webhook events.
  • Request a refresh rate of 6 or 12 hours if needed.
  • Only send GET requests after your receive a webhook event

Make sure that you set webhook URLs in the environment that you are using. Read more about the Okra API's environments in the API reference.

5️⃣ Statuses

Make sure that your application monitors for invalid and token_required statuses, and prompt your users to update their credentials when needed.

6️⃣ Non-breaking changes

Make sure that any of these potential non-breaking changes in Okra's API does not affect your integration:

  • New fields or a different field order in the response body
  • Change in the number of characters in a string
  • Adding new endpoints

7️⃣ URLs and API keys

When you are going live with your applicaton, make sure that:

  • You are calling the production URL of the Okra API.
  • You are using production API keys

Visit the API reference for more best practices about interacting with the Okra API.