A collection of some of the most frequently asked questions

1. Which of the API Keys should I use

If you are in the sandbox, you have to use the keys under the sandbox section. 

Learn more about API keys.

2. Can I get an account and credentials to test my integration in the sandbox

Yes, you have to create a sandbox user first. You can find details of how to here. 

The created sandbox user will have a username, password, and bank that can be used to test in the sandbox. You can also find more credentials [here](https://docs.okra.ng/docs/creating-sandbox-customers#test-credentials)

3. Can I get an account to test my integration into production

You can test in production using real credentials. The same ones you use with your banking app.

4. How do I know if an account linking was successful

We send webhooks after a successful linking. You can learn more about webhooks [here](https://docs.okra.ng/docs/webhook-overview).

5. How do I remove a particular bank from the list of banks

If you are using the app builder, during the process, you can remove an institution. You could also use the filter options to remove a particular bank. See more options [here](https://docs.okra.ng/docs/widget-properties)

6. Do users need to relink their account for me to get recent data

You can use the refresh transactions and balance respectively for non-MFA banks, to get new transactions and balance data programmatically through the API, without having the user re-link their account.

Learn more about this [here](https://docs.okra.ng/docs/transactions).

7. Why is a bank missing from the list of banks on the widget

This could be because we currently don’t support the bank. You can find the full list of banks we support [here](https://docs.okra.ng/docs/bank-coverage). Another reason could be that you have chosen a product that is currently not enabled for that bank.

8. I did not get a webhook notification

You can retrigger webhooks. Find more details [here](https://docs.okra.ng/docs/webhook-overview#webhook-trigger)

9. As an end-user or client, how can I remove a connected account

As an end user, you can unlink an account using my.okra.ng, as a client you can remove a connected account via an API.