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Okra was created to help you connect to banks using a secure open API, removing the complexity and enabling you to build and scale your product on the principles of open finance. This documentation offers guides and resources to help you get up and running with Okra.

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Create your account and build your own app with the Okra dashboard, then get your API keys and start making payments.

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Let's walk through the necessary steps to get you started with using Okra’s services.

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Our products

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Learn how you can receive secure payments from your users, refund them directly, and receive direct payouts with the Payments product.

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Account data

Check out the Account data products that give you insights into your users' financial and account data.

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API reference

Explore the Okra API and understand how you can interact with it, and how you can follow user events through webhooks.

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Okra app reference

Understand how you can build and customize your Okra app to help users connect their accounts.

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Libraries & SDKs

Check out our libraries and SDKs that you can integrate to enhance your application.

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Error reference

Bumping into errors with the API or the Okra app? Find the solution in the error documentation.

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If you have any questions about Okra's products or way of working, get in touch with the Support team.

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If you have technical questions or need help with your code, join Okra's Developer Community on Slack.

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