Okra uses wallets to handle payments for the services and products that you use. For example, Okra debits your wallet after certain API calls and your subscription fees.

Things to know about your wallets:

  • Okra’s wallets use credits, and the rate of 1 credit is fixed at 1 USD.
  • Okra provides separate wallets for each business that you have. This enables you to select different payment plans for each of your businesses in a way that suits your needs.

Manage your wallet

Use the Dashboard to directly manage your wallet. Through the Dashboard, you can:

  • Check you wallet’s credit balance
  • Add funds to your wallet via secure card payments
  • Set up automatic top-ups to ensure uninterrupted service for your applications
  • Set up notifications to keep you informed about your credit balance

Visit the Dashboard to get started.

Wallet API operations

The Okra API provides 3 operations that you can use to retrieve information about your wallets.

  • The Get wallet operation retrieves details about a specific wallet.
  • The List wallets operation returns details about all of your wallets accross every Okra business that you have.
  • The Check wallet balance operation retrieves the credit balance of a specific business's wallet using the business ID.

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