The report endpoints help you better understand how your customers are interacting with Okra, you can now create and schedule reports using the API to get information about certain products within set timeframes. Reports are delivered in CSV format and can be generated for any product you're using. This can be triggered on a set interval of daily, weekly, or monthly.

Report Fields and description

report_type required
The report_type can only be one of the following - payment, identity, balance, income, auth, transactions, payouts or reciepts

frequency String required
This refers to the timeline you would like to get a scheduled report.
Frequency must be one of the following - daily, weekly or monthly

format String required
The format of the scheduled reports can only be CSV. We are working to support pdf's format in the nearest future.

title String required
Title refers to any name given to the report.

day String required
This could be any day of the week.

/reports/schedule                               Schedule reports

You can schedule a report using this endpoint. Here's how it works.