Use the Incomes endpoint to gather insights on an account's income sources for the past 365 days. The endpoint is particularly useful when you want to verify a person's income.

The Income Object

The Income object gives relevant insights on an account income source

id ObjectID required
Unique Auth ID (Unique Okra Identifier)

last_year_income Number required
Amount of available funds in the account

ledger_balance Number required
The closing balance of the account

account ObjectID required
Unique account ID (Unique Okra Identifier)

connected Boolean required
Customer connection status (Did they choose to connect this account to you?)

record ObjectID required
Unique Record ID (Unique Okra Identifier)
See Records

owner ObjectID required
Unique Company ID (Unique Okra Identifier) (Your Client Token)

env string required
Okra API env the Auth was pulled from production or production-sandbox

created_at Date required
Date transaction was fetched

last_updated Date required
Last date transaction fetched