Okra Identity product helps you verify users' identities by accessing the information on file with their financial institution and retrieve a full KYC profile for an individual or corporate entity across all banks in Nigeria. Using Identity, you can access a user's phone number, email address, mailing address, many more. This can be used for prefilling account information, as well as for verifying with a trusted source that information they provided about themselves is correct. Fraud reduction and complementing of Know Your Customer (KYC) compliance are common applications for Identity.

The Identity Object

The Identity object involves the full profile of an individual.

bvn string required
The bank verification number of a user associated to his accounts

nin string required
The nin refers to National Identity Number, this is specific to users in Nigeria

national_id string required
The national Id number.

drivers_licence string required
Nigeria drivers license details of a user

nims string required
Overall details of nin

passport string required
details of internernational passport

tin number required
Tax number identifies a citizen that pays tax.

firstname string required
The first name of the user

middlename string required
The middlename of the user

lastname string required
The last name of the user

fullname string required
The firstname, middlename and lastname all together

phone string required
A 11 digit phone number of a user

marital_status string required
The status could be single or married

gender string required
User can be male or female

email string required
A unique email address

dob string required
Date of birth of the user. The date will follow ISO 8601 with format yyyy-MM-dd.

address string required
The home address of a user

mother_maiden string required
The home address of a user

lga_of_origin string required
Local government origin of the user

lga_of_residence string required
Local government residence of the user

nationality string required
The country of a user

state_of_origin string required
The state a user originates

state_of_residence string required
The state a user resides

verified Boolean

dob string required
Date of birth of the user. The date will follow ISO 8601 with format yyyy-MM-dd.

next_of_kins string required
An array of details as regards a users next of kin.

rc_number string required
Registered Company number, this will only show up, if the user has a company registered.