Create payment link

API endpoint to Create payment link

A successful request will return a HTTP 200 status code

Create a payment link via this endpoint.

The endpoint is idempotent: if a developer has already made a request with the same payment details, Okra will return the same account_id.

Payment Fields and examples

amount Number (at least 100) required
Amount of funds to be paid

name String required
Name of the account holder

note String optional
A description of the transaction

currency String optional
The default is NG

schedule Number (at least 100) required
The field is only required if the type is recurring
See recurring for more details

type String optional
Can take: one-time or recurring, defaults to one-time.

account ObjectID required
The Id of the chosen account

suport_email String required
The email of the receipient.

data Boolean
Enable data pulling (e.g. balance, transactions, etc)

success_url String
A URL to redirect when payment is successful

callback_url String
A callback URL

continue_cta String
A button with an action at the end of the transaction

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