Okra app reference

Welcome to the Okra app reference. The Okra app is a gateway for your users where they can link their bank accounts to Okra's API in your product or application.

Through the Okra app, you can leverage Okra's API and retrieve up-to-date information in real time, and in a secure manner. The Okra app handles credential validation, MFA, and error handling for each financial institution that Okra supports. Check out Okra's Coverage to see which financial insitutions are supported, and what data points are available for each institution.

You can integrate the Okra app across all modern browsers and development platforms. Visit Okra's Libraries and SDKs page for the complete catalog.

Get started

  1. Sign up to access the tools you need for building and embedding your Okra app.
  2. Dive into App Builder to build your Okra app in a few clicks.
  3. Understand the different Okra app flows that you can create for your users.
  4. Check out the available options to embed your app.
  5. Learn about the different properties you can use to customize the Okra app programmatically.
  6. Understand how your users interact with your app through callback events.

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