An Account is the representation of a bank account inside a financial institution. An end-user can have several accounts inside their dashboard. For example, one dashboard can have one corporate account, several individual(personal) accounts.

The Account Object

The Account object represents a bank account.

nuban string required
Nuban is the account number associated with the account. The format of the account numbers may differ between account types and banks.

type string required
The type of the account. This property can be these values: SAVINGS, CORPORATE

name string required
The name of the account holder.

currency string required
The type of currency the account is associated with, by default it's NGN

bank string required
The financial institution associated with the account.

id string required

Internal account identifier.

balance number required
The current balance of the account. The definition of the balance property differs between account types. SAVINGS: the balance represents the actual amount of cash in the account, INVESTMENT: the balance represents the value of the investments connected to these accounts including any available cash.

owner number required
The owner determines the percentage of the amounts on transactions belonging to this account, that should be attributed to the user when statistics are calculated.