Build with short URL

What is a short_url?

short_url is the short URL you get from a link you created.

In this short guide, we will cover how you can seamlessly implement a short URL in a Flutter and Android implementation during your widget integration.


To use a short URL in in your Flutter implementation, pass in this request:

var okraOptions = {
                    "env": "production",
                    "short_url": "core-step"
OkraHandler reply = await Okra.create(context, okraOptions);

NOTE: Make sure that you specify your environment, which could be either production or sandbox.


Similar to the Flutter implementation, you can use a short URL in your Android implementation. Use this request:

Map<String, Object> dataMap  = new HashMap<String, Object>() {{
            put("env", "production");
            put("short_url", "core-step");

        Okra.create(MainActivity.this, dataMap);

Check the Android and Flutter guide to learn how you could use different integration platforms.