Widget flow

Understanding the Okra widget flow

The diagram below shows a model of how the Okra Widget is used to connect your customer and obtain a record_id, which is used to authenticate requests to the Okra API.

In this guide, we'll start from scratch and walk through how to use Auth to connect to your users' bank accounts and obtain the information needed to set up funds transfers. If you are already familiar with using Okra and are set up to make calls to the Okra API you can skip ahead to Fetching auth data.

Get your API keys

If you don't already have one, you'll need to create an Okra developer account. After creating your account, you can find your API keys under the Settings Keys menu inside the Okra dashboard.

Explore Okra libraries

You can use our official libraries to connect to the Okra API from your application

# Install via npm
yarn add --save okra-node

Create a record with our Okra widget

The Okra Widget is a drop-in module that provides a secure, elegant authentication flow for each institution that Okra supports. Our Widget makes it secure and easy for users to connect their bank accounts to Okra. Note that these instructions cover using Okra as a link on the web. For instructions on using the Okra widget within mobile apps, see the Okra Widget documentation.

Using the Okra Widget, we will create an Okra Record, which is an Okra term for login at a financial institution. A record is not the same as a financial institution account, although every account will be associated with a record. For example, if a user has one login at their bank that allows them to access both their checking account and their savings account, a single Record would be associated with both of those accounts. If you want to customize the widget's look and feel, you can do so from the Dashboard.

Authentication methods

Internet BankingAllow customers to log in to your application using the credentials they use with their internet banking portal
Mobile BankingAllow customers to log in to your application using the credentials they use with their mobile banking application
Manual AuthenticationAllow customers to log in to your application using their account number and unique identifier (BVN, DOB, Phone number, or Email), ideal for customers with bank accounts who do not have internet or mobile banking,

Connect Okra widget

This short 2 minutes guide, will show you how to link an end-user financial institution to your app.