Customize Widget

You can customize parts of the Okra Widget's flow, including some text elements, the institution select view, and the background color, and enable additional features like the Select Account view straight from the Dashboard. You can preview your changes in realtime and then publish them instantly once you're ready to go live. For more details, see the Widget customization.

To help you take advantage of the options available for customizing and configuring your Widget, Okra offers a best practices guide with recommendations for how to initialize and configure our Widget within your app.

The Okra Widget's appearance will also automatically change if the institution selected is not in a healthy state. For more details, see Bank status in the Okra Widget.

Returning user flows

The returning user flow allows you to enable a faster Okra Link experience for your users who already use Okra. To learn more, see Returning user experience.

What's Next

Explore all the possible widget configurations.

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