What is Okra

Okra provides the infrastructure layer that powers the next wave of financial innovation by unlocking the power of open finance. Okra connects to financial institutions using a secure open API, removing the complexity and enabling seamless access to financial information and payment infrastructure.

Once you integrate with Okra, your users will be able to connect their bank accounts to your application in a matter of seconds. When you users log into their bank accounts, they create a connection between your application and the accounts at their financial institutions. This connection enables you to retrieve information like real-time balances, transactions, and KYC data.

Okra encrypts all account connection credentials and uses these credentials to access data in read-only mode.

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Get comprehensive transaction data.

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Okra Authentication


Authenticate your users' bank account.

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Okra Balance


Check your users' real-time account balance.

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Okra Identity


Verify your users idenitity and reduce fraud.

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Okra Income


Verify income and employment data.

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Okra Payment


Collect bank payments efficiently.

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Explore the use cases

This table helps you understand which of Okra's products are most relevant in these common use cases:

Use CasesProducts
Reduce fraudIdentity to verify account-holder information
Balance to fetch real-time account balances
Fraud detection to identify possible fraudulent behavior
Supercharge personal financial management toolsTransactions to fetch detailed transaction history
Avoid NSF FeesBalance to fetch real-time account balances
Transfer funds, or bank to bank transferAuth to fetch account details and verify ownership
Balance to fetch real-time account balances
Identity to verify account-holder information
Payment to transfer funds and make payments.
Verify IncomeIncome to verify the income of a user
Budget and finance managementAuth to fetch account details and verify ownership
Balance to fetch real-time account balances
Spending Patterns To get insight into how users spend over time