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Introduction to Okra

In this guide, we will introduce you to some of the fundamental concepts and resources related to Okra.

What is Okra

Okra, which connects 25+ banks in two countries with a full API product offering, is the leading open financial platform in Africa. Our products are delivered via an enterprise-level PaaS with access to all banks and products via a single API.

How okra worksHow okra works

How okra works

How does Okra work?

We care deeply about the developer experience, and follow a set of integration principles that make our products a delight to work with.

Once you implement Okra, your users will be able to connect their bank accounts to your app in just seconds. After which, you can retrieve financial information about that user.

To create this connection, your users need to share their online credentials with Okra. We encrypt these credentials as we receive them and only use them to access the account in read-only mode.

Once the link is created between your app and your user's institution account, you can pull financial data. This includes the accounts in their name, the real-time balance, transaction information, invoices, and etc.

We also provide developers with a range of tools and resources to successfully implement open banking projects:

  • Dashboard: The Okra Dashboard is the control panel that lets you configure, customise, manage, and deploy access to the financial data powering your apps.

  • Documentation: Well-written, easy-to-follow implementation guides, API reference and sample projects

  • SDKs: iOS, Android and web front-end SDKs that reduce the time it takes to bring new products to market

Product Offerings

Our Transactions product gives you real-time access to standardized account and transaction data, making it easy to use the data directly in your products to create better user experiences.

Identity lets you verify users' identities by accessing information on file with their financial institution and retrieve a full KYC profile for an individual or corporate entity (including directors) across all banks in Nigeria.

Income lets you verify the income of an end user by fetching real-time income data from banks.

Payment, our account-to-account payments product gives you a secure and cost efficient payment solution at a fraction of the cost of traditional payment methods.

Money Manager is a suite of financial management tools, available as SDKs, that gives developers everything they need to build next-gen digital banking experiences.

Developer Resources

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