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Learn how to take control of your transactions on our Okra Dashboard


With the Okra widget, you can pull up to 24 months of historical and transactional statements across all banks in Nigeria, in real-time. You can do this programmatically via our API, or manually, directly through the Okra dashboard without time-consuming OTP activities with your customer, which tend to fail.


Refresh Transactions in real-time!

Need your customer's most recent transaction history? Easily Refresh Transactions on any of their accounts connected to you.

We have standardised the data across all financial institutions to allow you to pull one standard format across all banks in Nigeria via internet banking or USSD. We use machine learning technology to take the traditional non-descriptive narrative and break it down into: channel, benefactor, category, date, balance at the time of the transaction, geolocation data, flagging, and more — allowing us to give you the context and content behind transactions.

Read more about Transactions @ get.okra.ng/transactions-deck.

Get Context and Content

Transaction data can be useful for many different applications, including personal finance management, expense reporting, cash flow modelling, risk analysis, and more. Okra's Transactions product allows you to access a user's transaction history via the /transactions/get endpoint, which can provide transaction history for both depository type accounts such as current and savings accounts.


Limited history or Need more context?

For Institutions that provide limited transactions and for non programmatic needs we provide access tot he customer's bank generated account statement, checkout PDF Statements for more info. You can also checkout Enhanced Transactions for a more detailed transaction view.

Transactions data includes the transaction date, amount, and more. Transaction data is lightly cleaned to populate the name field.

For a more detailed breakdown of transactions, including categories and geolocation data, check out our Transactions Add-Ons.

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What's Next

View the Transactions Schema or start playing around with the endpoints.

Transactions Schema
Transactions Endpoints
Refresh Transactions
Enhanced Transactions


Learn how to take control of your transactions on our Okra Dashboard

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