Transaction Networks

Understand the network of people your users transact with

Process and Your Customer's Network

Okra’s machine-learning models are constantly evolving to provide the best APIs for you. With Transaction Networks, you get insight into the networks of user's transactions over a period of time.


Not a Developer?

You can turn on Transaction Networks by simply toggling a switch within the Add-on tab or the inner Transactions page of any of your customers.

You get a breakdown of transactions and real-time insights based on expenses within a given period of time.

curl -X POST
-H 'Content-Type: application/json' 
-H 'Authorization: Bearer <AccessToken>'
-d '{
        account: "5fe0a6f8ee69d878a679ef39",
            customer: "5fe0a6f8ee69d878a679ef39"     

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