Slack integration

See your API call status in real-time.


If you're like us and use your Slack Workspace as a centralized hub you'll love our Slack receipt notifications. You can connect our Slack Bot to a private channel in your workspace to see the status of all your API calls and products in real-time. You can also enable other notifications via Slack to easily check the statuses of other things like:

  • Your Okra Wallet threshold
  • Your SLA Expiry notification
  • Your monthly analytic report
  • You free call notification

Connect Okra to your Slack Workspace on your dashboard settings here.


Are you using Callbacks & Webhooks?
Need more real-time control? You can see the status of each product in real-time using our callbacks and webhooks and the data they return.

Re-run API Calls without the API

Need to re-run a customer's record for updated data? You can do this directly from your slack workspace. You can re-run a single product or the entire API call.