Selfie verification

Verify identity ownership and unlock access to your digital services



While BVN, NUBAN verification provide a means of defense against the use of fraudulent identity, it’s possible for fraudsters to get access to legitimate stolen BVN and NUBAN and carry out fraudulent activities. To prevent this, Okra Identity can perform selfie checks on your users.

Selfie verification looks for unique biological traits, such as face geometry, from a photo ID and a picture of your user’s face. Okra then checks the BVN photo with the provided selfie to see if it matches to ensure that the picture belongs to the same person.

This significantly reduces the possibility of fraud by confirming the person using your product is the account owner at the validated bank.

How it works

You can add options to enable any of our SDKs. Click here to view SDK integration docs to implement selfie verification.

Verifying biometric identity via your widget is pretty simple. use the selfieVerify parameter to enable selfie checks, and any of the optional nodes to your widget options as below:

const options = {
        ... {other widget options} ... 
        selfieVerify: true// allow customer to upload an image to compare

The completed process will display the flow below:


Selfie verification via our API

curl -X POST
-H 'Content-Type: application/json' 
-H 'Authorization: Bearer <secretKey>'
-d '{
    photo: Multipart Data, // required
    identityType: "bvn" // bvn or nuban or Okra customer
    identityNumber: "123456789" // bvn or nuban or Okra customer ID
    "status": "success",
    "message": "Identity and Selfie succesfully verified",
    "data": {
        "identity": {
                "_id": "xxxxxxxxxxxxx",
                "aliases": [
                    "GAVIN THEADORE BELSON",
                    "GAVIN BELSON",
                "phone": [
                "email": [
                    "[email protected]"
                "verified": true,
                "next_of_kins": [],
                "address": [
                    "123 Main St. San Francisco, Calidronia"
                "owner": [
                        "_id": "xxxxxxxxxxxxx",
                        "name": "Okra Tech Inc.",
                        "app_name": "Okra, Inc"
                "record": [
                        "_id": "xxxxxxxxxxxxx",
                        "status": {
                            "transactions": {
                                "last_success_at": null,
                                "last_fail_at": null
                            "process": {
                                "running": false,
                                "completed": true
                        "owner": "xxxxxxxxxxxxx"
                "bvn": "12345678989",
                "firstname": "GAVIN",
                "lastname": "BELSON",
                "fullname": "GAVIN BELSON",
                "customer": {
                    "_id": "5e93bad841850d3a5315f32b",
                    "name": "GAVIN BELSON"
                "env": "production",
                "photo_id": [
                        "_id": "5eaffd51f61c0e7bccf68c2d",
                        "url": "URL TO PHOTO"
                "created_at": "2020-04-23T11:51:00.286Z",
                "last_updated": "2020-12-21T17:45:25.908Z",
                "__v": 1,
                "dob": '1978-09-29',
                "gender": 'M',
                "marital_status": 'Single',
                "middlename": null