Returning user experience

Create a seamless returning user experience and prevent duplicate account connections.


The returning user experience (RUX) simplifies onboarding for users who have already connected a financial account with Okra. If your application contains the user’s bvn, phone, email, or NIN during widget integration before the user connects to Okra Widget, there will have a seamless onboarding flow.
This process eliminates duplicate account connections and ensures swift account linking.

RUX Integration flow options

To unlock the returning user experience you can send any of the following items
in a customer to your widget. Only one is needed to be sent.
This will also work if you are sending them in your options object.

    ...widget properties...,
    customer: {
        id: "okra customer id",
        bvn: "customer bvn", 
        phone: "customer phone", 
          email: "customer email", 
        nin: "customer nin"

RUX benefits

  • During the RUX flow, the user sees only their previously connected banks, without having to search.
  • Once the user selects a bank, they have 3 options to verify their identity for quick login, they include;
    • Password - Enter the password and click "Connect Account"
    • Biometrics - Facial recognition or fingerprint, depending on the phone capabilities.
    • OTP - If they do not remember their password and don't have a biometric capable phone, we verify via OTP
  • If the user's phone doesn't have any biometric options, the biometric icon will not show in the UI and the "Connect Account" button would be full width showing the 2 other quick login options.


The returning user experience also works across our libraries and SDK's