Handle real-time events on the widget

Widget Events

The onEvent callback is called anytime there is a significant event on your widget. It takes one arguments, an event object which is a metadata JSON object. The event parameter is always present, though some values may be null. You can find a list of events below:


Did you check if there was an error?

Make sure to check the withError parameter. If this is false, then the user did not receive an error. This is especially important with the WIDGET_USER_INTERNET_DISCONNECTED event. If there was no error then the user will be reconnected.

Event Example

        type: 'EVENT',
        event: 'EVENT_NAME'
        withError: true or false, //whether or not their was an error
        location: "STRING",//the screem the user was on when this happened
        data: "JSON OBJECT", //the object returned at this time.
        error: "STRING" // error if any returned

All Events

Event Name

Event Description


Error on the widget shown to the user


Success on the widget shown to the user


User received pending payment screen on widget


User asked for a new OTP


User's selected bank completed loading


User entered their credentials and hit the login button


User was shown a question to answer e.g. security, OTP, PIN, etc.


User was asked to review and confirm payment


User was asked to profile their account


User BVN / RC Number was not available at their bank or authority and was asked to submit this via the widget.


User has not completed setting up this internet or mobile banking account and was asked to complete profiling their profile.


Widget has attempted to fetch transactions


User disconnected from internet


User was asked to submit guarantors


User was shown their balance/accounts and asked to select one to continue

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