Libraries & SDKs

Learn about libraries and SDKs to easily integrate with the Okra Widget or API's

To learn more about installing and using Okra's Widget SDKs, check out the docs pages for the Okra Widget on JavaScript (web), iOS, Android, and Webviews.

All libraries for Okra are listed below. If you've built anything that you'd be willing to share with the Okra community, please let us know and we'll link to it here 😎


Want to shape the future of Okra's libraries? Try the beta versions of our client libraries, and provide your feedback in a GitHub issue πŸ˜‡

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Okra JS

OkraJS is a web drop-in module that provides an authentication flow for each bank that Okra supports.

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Okra PHP

The Okra PHP library provides a simple interface to use Okra's core products.

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Okra Python

Okra python is a 3rd party python wrapper for our API.

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Okra Go

Okra Go is a 3rd party wrapper for our API in Go lang.

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Okra Node

This is an npm module that abstracts the complexity of using Okra with node.

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Android SDK

This is an Android library for implementing the Okra widget in your mobile apps.

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This is a Flutter library for implementing the Okra widget into you applications.

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React Native

Integrate your React Native applications with the Okra API using this library.

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Integrate your Ruby applications with the Okra API through the Ruby library.