Identity verification



On this page, we provide you with an overview of the identity coverage support of our Okra Identity product per institution type.

At Okra we currently support the following institutions for Identity product.

πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬ Nigeria

Bank Id sortcode slug
First Bank of Nigeria 5d6fe57a4099cc4b210bbeb1 011 first-bank-of-nigeria
Ecobank Nigeria 5d6fe57a4099cc4b210bbeae 050 ecobank-nigeria
Fidelity Mobile 5d6fe57a4099cc4b210bbeb0 318 fidelity-bank
First City Monument Bank 5d6fe57a4099cc4b210bbeb2 214 first-city-monument-bank
Guaranty Trust Bank 5d6fe57a4099cc4b210bbeb3 058 guaranty-trust-bank
Heritage Bank 5d6fe57a4099cc4b210bbeb4 030 heritage-bank
Stanbic IBTC Bank 5d6fe57a4099cc4b210bbeb6 221 stanbic-ibtc-bank
Sterling Bank 5d6fe57a4099cc4b210bbeb8 232 sterling-bank
Union Bank of Nigeria 5d6fe57a4099cc4b210bbeb9 032 union-bank-of-nigeria
Polaris Bank 5d6fe57a4099cc4b210bbeb5 076 polaris-bank
Standard Chartered Bank 5d6fe57a4099cc4b210bbeb7 068 standard-chartered-bank
Keystone Bank 5d6fe57a4099cc4b210bbeba 082 keystone-bank
United Bank For Africa 5d6fe57a4099cc4b210bbebb 033 united-bank-for-africa
Alat 5d6fe57a4099cc4b210bbebe 035A alat
Providus Bank 5d6fe57a4099cc4b210bbebf 101 providus-bank
Wema Bank 5d6fe57a4099cc4b210bbebc 035 wema-bank
Unity Bank 5d6fe57a4099cc4b210bbebd 215 unity-bank
Zenith Bank 5d6fe57a4099cc4b210bbec2 057 zenith-bank
Access Bank 5d6fe57a4099cc4b210bbec0 044 access-bank
Kuda Bank 5f0cf73e8a8bcc18b8156ad7 611, 50211 kuda-bank
Rubies Bank 5f11487e847b28538bfc6c5f 587, 125 rubies-bank
Diamond Bank 5f63f473d550180010a14bf1 063 diamond-bank
Standard Bank 5f7cf82be07d4a80c432bc7f 35150103 standard-bank
Absa Bank 5f7cf986e07d4a80c432bc80 35150103 absa-bank
Nedbank 5f7dd068e07d4a80c432bc81 35150103 nedbank
Investec 5f7eee62e07d4a80c432bc82 35150103 investec-bank
First National Bank 5f7eefb3e07d4a80c432bc83 35150103 first-national-bank
Tyme Bank 5f7ef093e07d4a80c432bc84 35150103 tyme-bank
Capitec Bank 5f7ef153e07d4a80c432bc85 35150103 capitec-bank
African Bank 5f7ef248e07d4a80c432bc86 35150103 african-bank
Equity Bank 5f7ff8b7e07d4a80c432bc87 35150103 equity-bank
Kenya Commercial Bank 5f7ff97ce07d4a80c432bc88 35150103 kcb-bank
National Bank 5f7ffb57e07d4a80c432bc8a 35150103 national-bank
NIC Bank 5f7ffd7ee07d4a80c432bc8b 35150103 nic-bank
CBA Bank 5f7ffddfe07d4a80c432bc8c 35150103 cba-bank
Cooperative Bank 5f7ffe3fe07d4a80c432bc8d 35150103 cooperative-bank
DTB 5f7ffec1e07d4a80c432bc8e 35150103 dtb-bank
V Bank 5fad03e18a795405d628156f 566 v-bank
Jaiz Bank 5fb906f78c486a00b987ec06 301 jaiz-bank
Titan Trust Bank 610080715958c61031f37737 102 titan-trust-bank
Paga 6101a35312015634f5c23adf 327 paga
Paystack 61187bdc92628e026f7ddb5f 50150010 paystack
Carbon 611e3b8632657e7e2dd15636 565, 100026 carbon
SBM 604f9bc66b259900ab5b0d1a 35150103 sbm-bank
CitiBank Nigeria 611ff0ee412b11f1b2143bc5 023 citibank-nigeria
Haggai Mortgage Bank Limited 611ff0ee412b11f1b2143bd3 024 haggai-mortgage-bank
Zinternet KongaPay 611ff0ee412b11f1b2143be0 025 zinternet-kongpay
Lagos Building Investment Company 611ff0ee412b11f1b2143bed 026, 90052 lagos-building-investment
AG MORTGAGE BANK PLC 611ff0ee412b11f1b2143bfa 028 ag-mortgage-bank
Innovectives Kesh 611ff0ef412b11f1b2143c07 029 innovectives-kesh
FinaTrust Microfinance Bank 611ff0ef412b11f1b2143c1e 031 finatrust-mfb
Xslnce Microfinance Bank 611ff0ef412b11f1b2143c3f 034 xslnce-mfb
BC Kash Microfinance Bank 611ff0f0412b11f1b2143c59 037 bc-kash-mfb
Ndiorah Microfinance Bank 611ff0f0412b11f1b2143c66 038 ndiorah-mfb
Money Trust Microfinance Bank 611ff0f0412b11f1b2143c72 039 money-trust-mfb
Allworkers Microfinance Bank 611ff0f1412b11f1b2143c7e 040 allworkers-mfb
Richway Microfinance Bank 611ff0f1412b11f1b2143ce1 041 richway-mfb
PecanTrust Microfinance Bank 611ff0f1412b11f1b2143cf4 042 pecan-trust-mfb
Yes Microfinance Bank 611ff0f1412b11f1b2143cff 043 yes-mfb
ACCESS YELLO & BETA 611ff0f1412b11f1b2143d15 052 access-yello
Enterprise Bank 611ff0f4412b11f1b2143d63 084 enterprise-bank
SunTrust Bank 611ff0f4412b11f1b2143d6f 100 suntrust-bank
Globus Bank 611ff0f5412b11f1b2143d9e 103, 00103 globus-bank
EMPIRE MFB 611ff0f5412b11f1b2143da9 114 empire-mfb
TCF MICROFINANCE BANK 611ff0f5412b11f1b2143db4 115, 51211 tcf-mfb
Ohafia Microfinance Bank 611ff0f5412b11f1b2143dbf 116 ohafia-mfb
Wetland Microfinance Bank 611ff0f5412b11f1b2143dca 117 wetlan-mfb
Sagamu Microfinance Bank 611ff0f6412b11f1b2143dd5 140 sagumu-mfb
FAST MICROFINANCE BANK 611ff0f6412b11f1b2143de0 179 fast-mfb
NIP NEWBANK TSQ 611ff0f6412b11f1b2143deb 182 nip-newbank-tsq
Ibile Microfinance Bank 611ff0f8412b11f1b2143e2b 244, 51244 ibile-mfb
Eartholeum 611ff0f9412b11f1b2143e45 302 eartholeum
ChamsMobile 611ff0f9412b11f1b2143e51 303 chams-mobile
Stanbic IBTC @ease Wallet 611ff0f9412b11f1b2143e5c 304 stanbic-ease-wallet
OPAY 611ff0f9412b11f1b2143e67 305 opay
eTranzact 611ff0f9412b11f1b2143e72 306 etranzact
Ecobank Xpress Account 611ff0f9412b11f1b2143e7f 307 ecobank-xpress
FortisMobile 611ff0fa412b11f1b2143e90 308 fortis-mobile
Firstmonie Wallet 611ff0fa412b11f1b2143e9b 309 first-monie
ReadyCash (Parkway) 611ff0fa412b11f1b2143ea6 311 readycash
FCMB Easy Account 611ff0fa412b11f1b2143eb6 312 fcmb-easy
Mkudi 611ff0fa412b11f1b2143ec1 313 mkudi
FET 611ff0fa412b11f1b2143ecf 314 fet
GTMobile 611ff0fa412b11f1b2143edc 315 gt-mobile
Cellulant 611ff0fb412b11f1b2143ee9 317 cellulant
TeasyMobile 611ff0fb412b11f1b2143f01 319 teasy-mobile
VTNetworks 611ff0fb412b11f1b2143f0c 320 vtn-networks
ZenithMobile 611ff0fb412b11f1b2143f17 322 zenith-mobile
Access Money 611ff0fb412b11f1b2143f22 323 access-money
Hedonmark 611ff0fb412b11f1b2143f2d 324 headonmark
MoneyBox 611ff0fc412b11f1b2143f38 325 money-box
GoMoney 611ff0fc412b11f1b2143f44 326, 232 go-money
TagPay 611ff0fc412b11f1b2143f5a 328 tag-pay
PayAttitude Online 611ff0fc412b11f1b2143f65 329 pay-attitude
miMONEY 611ff0fc412b11f1b2143f70 330 mi-money
9 PAYMENT SERVICE BANK 611ff0fc412b11f1b2143f7c 332 9-payment
CONPRO MICROFINANCE BANK 611ff0fd412b11f1b2143f89 333 conpro-mfb
ILISAN MICROFINANCE BANK 611ff0fd412b11f1b2143f95 334 ilisan-mfb
Bridgeway Microfinance Bank 611ff0fd412b11f1b2143fa0 335 bridgeway-mfb
ASO Savings and Loans 611ff0fd412b11f1b2143fab 401 aso-savings-and-loans
Jubilee Life Mortgage Bank 611ff0fd412b11f1b2143fb6 402 jubilee-mortgage-bank
SafeTrust Mortgage Bank 611ff0fd412b11f1b2143fc1 403 safetrust-mortgage-bank
CEMCS Microfinance Bank 611ff0fd412b11f1b2143fcc 404, 50823 cemcs-microfinance-bank
FBN Mortgage Bank (First Trust Mortgage Bank) 611ff0fd412b11f1b2143fd7 413 fbn-mortgage-bank
Imperial Homes Mortgage Bank 611ff0fe412b11f1b2143fe2 415 imperial-homes-mortgage-bank
Rand Merchant Bank 611ff0fe412b11f1b2144001 502 rand-merchant-bank
Trustbond Mortgage Bank (First Trust Mortgage Bank) 611ff0fe412b11f1b214400d 523 trustbond-mortgage-bank
Parralex 611ff0fe412b11f1b2144018 526 parralex
Covenant Microfinance Bank 611ff0fe412b11f1b2144024 551 covenant-mfb
NPF MicroFinance Bank 611ff0fe412b11f1b214402f 552 npf-mfb
Coronation Merchant Bank 611ff0fe412b11f1b214403c 559 coronation-merchant-bank
Page MFBank 611ff0ff412b11f1b2144047 560 page-mfb
New Prudential Bank 611ff0ff412b11f1b2144053 561 new-prudential-bank
Abbey Mortgage Bank 611ff0ff412b11f1b214406c 567, 801 abbey-mortgage-bank
Fidifund Microfinance Bank 611ff0ff412b11f1b2144077 568 fidifund-mfb
Verite Microfinance Bank 611ff0ff412b11f1b2144085 569 verite-mfb
Gateway Mortgage Bank 611ff0ff412b11f1b214409e 570 gateway-mortgage-bank
Al-Barakah Microfinance Bank 611ff100412b11f1b21440ab 572 al-barakah-mfb
Consumer Microfinance Bank 611ff100412b11f1b21440b8 573 consumer-mfb
Hasal Microfinance Bank 611ff100412b11f1b21440c4 574, 50383 hasal-microfinance-bank
Refuge Mortgage Bank 611ff100412b11f1b21440cf 575 refuge-mortgage-bank
Personal Trust Microfinance Bank 611ff100412b11f1b21440da 576 personal-mfb
BAOBAB MICROFINANCE BANK 611ff100412b11f1b21440e7 577 baobab-mfb
Visa Microfinance Bank 611ff100412b11f1b21440f3 578 visa-mfb
Royal Exchange Microfinance Bank 611ff101412b11f1b21440fe 579 royal-exchange-bank
Seed Capital Microfinance Bank 611ff101412b11f1b2144109 580 seed-capital-mfb
Boctrust Microfinance Bank 611ff101412b11f1b2144115 581 boctrust-mfb
Stanford Microfinance Bank 611ff101412b11f1b2144120 582 stanford-mfb
Daylight Microfinance Bank 611ff101412b11f1b214412b 583 daylight-mfb
Alpha Kapital Microfinance Bank 611ff101412b11f1b2144136 584 alpha-kapital-mfb
Reliance Microfinance Bank 611ff101412b11f1b2144141 585 reliance-mfb
Malachy Microfinance Bank 611ff101412b11f1b214414d 586 malachy-mfb
Rahama Microfinance Bank 611ff102412b11f1b2144165 588 rahama-mfb
AMJU UNIQUE MFB 611ff102412b11f1b2144171 589, 50926 amju-mfb
LAPO MICROFINANCE BANK 611ff102412b11f1b214417e 591 lapo-mfb
ESAN MICROFINANCE BANK 611ff102412b11f1b214418a 592 esan-mfb
BAINES CREDIT MFB 611ff103412b11f1b2144195 593 baines-mfb
LA FAYETTE MICROFINANCE BANK 611ff103412b11f1b21441a1 594 la-mfb
KCMB MICROFINANCE BANK 611ff103412b11f1b21441ad 595 kcmb-mfb
MIDLAND MICROFINANCE BANK 611ff103412b11f1b21441b8 596 midland-mfb
UNICAL MICROFINANCE BANK 611ff103412b11f1b21441c3 597 unical-mfb
NAGARTA MICROFINANCE BANK 611ff103412b11f1b21441ce 598 nagarta-mfb
RENMONEY MICROFINANCE BANK 611ff103412b11f1b21441d9 599 renmoney-mfb
Bosak Microfinance Bank 611ff103412b11f1b21441e6 600 bosak-mfb
FSDH Merchant Bank Limited 611ff104412b11f1b21441f1 601, 501 fsdh-merchant-bank-limited
Accion Microfinance Bank 611ff104412b11f1b21441fc 602 accion-mfb
Platinum Mortgage Bank 611ff104412b11f1b214420a 603 platinum-mortgage-bank
GREENBANK MICROFINANCE BANK 611ff104412b11f1b2144217 604 greenbank-mfb
NIRSAL Microfinance Bank 611ff104412b11f1b2144222 605 nirsal-mfb
UNN Microfinance Bank 611ff104412b11f1b214422f 607 unn-mfb
Alekun Microfinance Bank 611ff104412b11f1b214423c 608 alekun-mfb
Stellas Microfinance Bank 611ff105412b11f1b2144247 609 stellas-mfb
Quickfund Microfinance Bank 611ff105412b11f1b2144254 610 quickfind-mfb
Auchi Microfinance Bank 611ff105412b11f1b214426a 612 auchi-mfb
AB Microfinance Bank 611ff105412b11f1b2144275 613 ab-mfb
Nigerian Navy Microfinance Bank 611ff105412b11f1b2144280 614 nigerian-navy-mfb
Brent Mortgage Bank 611ff105412b11f1b214428b 615 brent-mortgage
Lovonus Microfinance Bank 611ff106412b11f1b2144296 616 lovonus-mfb
Greenville Microfinance Bank 611ff106412b11f1b21442a1 617 greenville-mfb
Adeyemi College Staff Microfinance Bank 611ff106412b11f1b21442ad 618 adeyemi-mfb
GROOMING MICROFINANCE BANK 611ff106412b11f1b21442b9 619 grooming-mfb
EMERALDS MICROFINANCE BANK 611ff106412b11f1b21442c4 620 emeralds-mfb
TRUSTFUND MICROFINANCE BANK 611ff106412b11f1b21442cf 621 trustfund-mfb
New Dawn Microfinance Bank 611ff106412b11f1b21442da 622 new-dawn-mfb
TAJ Bank 611ff106412b11f1b21442e6 626, 302
Lavender Microfinance Bank 611ff107412b11f1b2144365 628 lavender-mfb
Olabisi Onabanjo University Microfinance Bank 611ff107412b11f1b2144370 629 olabisi-mfb
Omiye Microfinance Bank 611ff107412b11f1b214437b 630 omiye-mfb
Astrapolaris Microfinance Bank 611ff107412b11f1b2144386 631 astrapolaris-mfb
Nova Merchant Bank 611ff107412b11f1b2144391 637 nova-merchant-bank
Pillar Microfinance Bank 611ff108412b11f1b214439c 638 pillar-mfb
SAFE HAVEN MICROFINANCE BANK 611ff108412b11f1b21443a7 639 safa-haven-mfb
BRIGHTWAY MICROFINANCE BANK 611ff108412b11f1b21443b2 640 brightway-mfb
Alert Microfinance Bank 611ff108412b11f1b21443be 642 alert-mfb
MINT-FINEX MFB 611ff108412b11f1b21443c9 643, 50304 mint-mfb
Sparkle 611ff108412b11f1b21443d4 644, 51310 sparke
EdFin Microfinance Bank 611ff108412b11f1b21443df 645 edfin-mfb
PALMPAY 611ff108412b11f1b21443ec 646, 999991 palm-pay
BALOGUN GAMBARI MFB 611ff109412b11f1b21443f7 647 balogun-mfb
EVANGEL MICROFINANCE BANK 611ff109412b11f1b2144404 648 evangel-mfb
TRUST MICROFINANCE BANK 611ff109412b11f1b2144412 649 trust-mfb
OCHE MICROFINANCE BANK 611ff109412b11f1b214441d 650 oche-mfb
EYOWO MICROFINANCE BANK 611ff109412b11f1b2144429 651, 50126 eyowo-microfinance-bank
EVERGREEN MICROFINANCE BANK 611ff109412b11f1b2144434 652 evergeen-mfb
Neptune Microfinance Bank 611ff109412b11f1b214443f 653 neptune-mfb
UNAAB MICROFINANCE BANK 611ff10a412b11f1b214444a 654 unab-mfb
IKENNE MICROFINANCE BANK 611ff10a412b11f1b2144456 655 ikenne-mfb
Mayfair MFB 611ff10a412b11f1b2144461 50563 mayfair-mfb
REPHIDIM MICROFINANCE BANK 611ff10a412b11f1b214446d 657 rephidm
KONTAGORA MICROFINANCE BANK 611ff10a412b11f1b2144478 658 kontagora-mfb
CASHCONNECT MFB 611ff10a412b11f1b2144484 659 cashconnect-mfb
NUTURE MICROFINANCE BANK 611ff10a412b11f1b2144490 660 nuture-mfb
BIPC MICROFINANCE BANK 611ff10a412b11f1b214449e 661 bipc-mfb
IKIRE MICROFINANCE BANK 611ff10b412b11f1b21444ab 662 ikire-mfb
MOLUSI MICROFINANCE BANK 611ff10b412b11f1b21444b9 663 molusi-mfb
LEGEND MICROFINANCE BANK 611ff10b412b11f1b21444c6 664 legend-mfb
FEDERAL UNIVERSITY DUTSE MICROFINANCE BANK 611ff10b412b11f1b21444d1 665 federal-university-mfb
COASTLINE MICROFINANCE BANK 611ff10b412b11f1b21444dc 667 costline-mfb
Purple Money Microfinance Bank 611ff10b412b11f1b21444e7 668 purple-money-mfb
MERIDIAN MFB 611ff10b412b11f1b21444f2 669 meridian-mfb
Fullrange Microfinance Bank 611ff10c412b11f1b21444fe 907 fullrange-mfb
FBNQUEST MB 611ff10c412b11f1b214450a 911 fbn-quest
Petra Microfinance Bank 611ff10c412b11f1b2144516 973, 50746 petra-mfb
First Royal Microfinance Bank 611ff10c412b11f1b2144522 974 first-royal-mfb
ADDOSSER MICROFINANCE BANK 611ff10c412b11f1b214452e 975 addosser-mfb
FFS Microfinance 611ff10c412b11f1b2144539 976 ffs-mfb
Trident Microfinance Bank 611ff10c412b11f1b2144546 978 trident-mfb
Mutual Trust Microfinance Bank 611ff10d412b11f1b2144552 979 mutual-trust-mfb
IRL Microfinance Bank 611ff10d412b11f1b214455e 980 irl-mfb-bank
Infinity Trust Mortgage Bank 611ff10d412b11f1b2144569 981, 50457 infiinity-trust-mortgage-bank
Hackman Microfinance Bank 611ff10d412b11f1b2144575 982, 51251 hackman-microfinance-bank
First Generation Mortgage Bank 611ff10d412b11f1b2144580 983 first-generation-mortgage-bank
CIT Microfinance Bank 611ff10d412b11f1b214458b 984 cit-mfb
Chikum Microfinance Bank 611ff10d412b11f1b2144596 985 chikum-mfb
Apeks Microfinance Bank 611ff10d412b11f1b21445a2 986 apeks-mfb
Bowen Microfinance Bank 611ff10e412b11f1b21445ae 989, 50931 bowen-microfinance-bank
Omoluabi Mortgage Bank 611ff10e412b11f1b21445b9 990 omoluabi-mortgage-bank
Gowans Microfinance Bank 611ff10e412b11f1b21445c5 991 gowans-mfb
Ekondo Microfinance Bank 611ff10e412b11f1b21445d4 992, 562 ekondo-microfinance-bank
AMML MFB 611ff10e412b11f1b21445df 993 amml-mfb
Regent Microfinance Bank 611ff10e412b11f1b21445ec 995 regent-mfb
CREDIT AFRIQUE MICROFINANCE BANK 611ff10e412b11f1b21445f8 996 credit-afrique-mfb
Contec Global Infotech Limited 611ff10f412b11f1b2144604 997 contec-global
e-BARCS MICROFINANCE BANK 611ff10f412b11f1b2144610 998 ebarcs-mfb
NIP Virtual Bank 611ff10f412b11f1b214461d 999 nip-virtual-bank
Bainescredit MFB 611ff10f412b11f1b2144628 51229 bainescredit-mfb
Firmus MFB 611ff10f412b11f1b214463d 51314 firmus-mfb
Kredi Money MFB LTD 611ff10f412b11f1b2144648 50200 kredi-mfb
Links MFB 611ff10f412b11f1b2144653 50549 link
Parallex Bank 611ff110412b11f1b2144669 526 parallex-bank
Paycom 611ff110412b11f1b2144675 999992 paycom