View guarantors

Combine guarantors with identity to give you extra security and shared liability



Using the Okra widget, you can allow your customer to add up to 3 guarantors. After linking their account, an SMS and/or email will be sent to each designated guarantor, who will then complete the widget authentication process. This grants you access to the guarantors’ Identity KYC profiles, Balances at the time of connecting, and the ability to collect Payments on their accounts in the event that the main applicant defaults.

Requesting guarantors via libraries & SDKs

Add options to enable any of our SDKs. Click here to view SDK integration docs.

Verifying biometric identity via your widget is pretty simple. Just add selfie and any of the optional nodes to your widget options as below:

const options = {
		... {other widget options} ... 
		guarantors: {
  		status: true,
  		number: 3

When completed, the widget will display the flow below:


Requesting guarantors via our API

When customers have linked, they will become full customers on your dashboard, and you will be able to view their connected data via the dash.

curl -X POST
-H 'Content-Type: application/json' 
-H 'Authorization: Bearer <secretKey>'
-d '{
    customer: "123456789" // bvn or nuban or Okra customer ID
    guarantors: [{
    	name: "GAVIN BELSON",
      email: "[email protected]"
    }, ...]