Just to make sure we are all on the same page - get familiar with some of the words we use.


An Account is the representation of a bank account inside a financial institution. An end-user can have several Accounts inside a Link. For example, in a bank one Link can have a savings account, current account.


A Balance represents the financial status of an Account at a given time.


An Identity helps you verify users' identities by accessing the information on file with their financial institution and retrieve a full KYC profile for an individual or corporate entity (including directors) across all banks in Nigeria.

Secret Key

A Secret Key is an ID and password pair you need to authenticate with the Okra API. You need to create a Secret Key before making API calls. When you signup, a Secret Key is created in your dashboard.


An Income represents a list of insights about the income of a user through their bank account. For example, the different income sources, the income transactions, how certain we are that a source is actually income.


A Transaction contains detailed information of each movement inside an Account.

Payment Authentication

Authenticate users for debit access at a later date.

Manual Authentication

Allowing users log in by entering their BVN.