Learn how to integrate your app with the Okra Widget Flutter SDK


The Okra Widget SDK is a quick and secure way to link bank accounts to Okra in your Flutter app.
Okra Widget is a drop-in module that handles connecting a financial institution to your app (credential validation, multi-factor authentication, error handling, etc). All without passing sensitive personal information to your server.


  • Check out our get started guide to create your developer account and retrieve your Client Token, API Keys, and Private Keys.
  • Create a sandbox customer, so you can get connecting immediately.

Getting Started

This library would help you add Okra widget to your hybrid android/ios application in no time. All you need to do is ...

To use this plugin, add okra_widget as a dependency in your pubspec.yaml file.

 okra_widget: ^3.0.0-beta

On iOS, opt-in to the embedded views preview by adding a boolean property to the app's Info.plist file with the key io.flutter.embedded_views_preview and the value true.



var banks = [

                  var okraOptions = {
                    "key": "public key",
                    "token": "client token",
                    "products": [
                    "environment": "production",
                    "clientName": "Bassey",
                    "color" : "#9013FE",
                    "limit" : "3",
                    "isCorporate" : false,
                    "connectMessage" : "Which account do you want to connect with?",
                    "callback_url" : "",
                    "redirect_url" : "",
                    "short_url": "",
                    "logo" : "https://dash.okra.ng/static/media/okra-logo.514fd943.png",
                    "widget_success" : "Your account was successfully linked to SwipeNG",
                    "widget_failed" : "An unknown error occurred, please try again.",
                    "currency" : "NGN",
                    "noPeriodic" : true,
                    "exp" : "",
                    "success_title" : "null",
                    "success_message" : "null",
                    "guarantors" : {
                      "status": false,
                      "message": "Okra requires you to add guarantors",
                      "number": 3,
                    "filter" : {
                      "industry_type": "all",
                      "banks": banks

                  OkraHandler reply = await Okra.create(context, okraOptions);


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