Complete view

Full view into a customer’s finances


With our Complete View technology, Okra provides a view into other bank accounts of a customer, allowing the ability to prompt them to connect all owned accounts and provide consent to access data.

This view also allows your customer to complete a debit authorization on any bank account, allowing authorized and customer-consented garnishment across all available banks.

You are not billed for responses where unconnected accounts are not found.


The complete view products only returns all accounts linked to the BVN that have been connected via Okra network

Use Cases of Complete View

Let's explore this from the lending perspective. Providing credit services comes with the risk of defaults—particularly when you have access to just one financial account of each customer, to initiate repayments. Suppose you give a loan to a customer and the allotted time for repayment draws near, you would attempt to charge the connected bank account to your application to recover the loan amount.

But imagine, the connected bank account has insufficient funds. That's problematic, right? You'd be forced to wait for the user to top-up their account before attempting to charge the customer again. But what if the user has another bank account with more than enough money needed to repay the loan?

How to add complete view the your app

To integrate,

  1. Visit here and signup.
  2. After verification, log in.
  3. Get your secret keys

You can process a complete view using your customer unique Okra ID or through their bvn.

curl -X POST
-H 'Content-Type: application/json' 
-H 'Authorization: Bearer <AccessToken>'
-d '{
        bvn: "12345678", //optional
            customer: "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx" //optional
const okra_client = require("okra-node")
okra_client.customerController.availableBanks(accessToken {customer_id: "insert customer ID", bvn:"123456789" }, (err, results) => {
    // Handle err
    const completeView = results.complete_view;
    "status": "success",
    "message": "Customer Complete View Processed!",
    "data": {
        "connected": [{
                    "nubans": ["111111111", "222222222"]
                "name": "Guranty Trust Bank",
                    "_id": "5d6fe57a4099cc4b210bbeb3",
                    "slug": "guaranty-trust-bank",
                "icon": "SVG Data"
        "unconnected": [
                "name": "Fidelity Bank",
                "_id": "5d6fe57a4099cc4b210bbeb0",
                "slug": "fidelity-bank",
                "icon": "SVG Data"


Make a complete view request in real-time, from our API Reference.