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Verify Your Customer’s Bank Balance in Real-time.


Need to Reduce NSF (insufficient) Fund Errors?

With Okra you can check your customer's bank account balance before you initiate a payment. This allows you to capture payments seamlessly without having to worry about insufficient funds.


Okra allows you to retrieve current and historical balance information from your customer. Use OkraJS to instantly authenticate your customer's account and automatically fetch their available and ledger balances. Being able to view their historical balance information gives you a true understanding of your customer’s average bank balance. Verifying an account balance is key to reducing the risk of returned payments and preventing transaction failures.

With our Balance product, you can notify your customer of low funds, so they can choose an alternate payment method and move forward seamlessly.

Read more about Balance @ get.okra.ng/balance-deck.


Refresh Balance in real-time!

Need to know your customer's most recent available balance? Easily Refresh Balance on any of their accounts connected to you.

Reduce Failures and Verify Funds

Whether you need to validate a user’s spending power or ability to pay, we provide access to the necessary balance information needed for your business to make informed decisions.

Real-time balance ensures that your user has the funds available to enjoy your services and reduces the possibilities of NSF fees and overdrafts. Retrieving balances instantly means you can reduce the risk to your business while delivering frictionless customer experience.

It only takes seconds to access real-time balances and get the insights you need.
You can choose a standard payment — where you will receive an NSF if the account balance is less than the payment amount, with the ability to check and charge later. You can also opt to garnish the payments. With this option, you can automatically adjust the payment to match the customer’s current available balance and collect the remaining payment amount once available.

Updated 2 months ago

What's Next

View the Balance Schema or start playing around with the endpoints.

Balance Schema
Balance Endpoints
Refresh Balance
Account Endpoints


Verify Your Customer’s Bank Balance in Real-time.

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