Instantly Authenticate Your Customer in Real-time.

Use the Okra Widget to instantly authenticate any of your customer’s bank account(s) with internet/online banking credentials or USSD. Once connected, you are automatically granted access to pull any additional product(s). Additionally, users can give informed consent and connect their bank account(s) directly to your application (or via a link) using their internet or mobile banking credentials, ensuring a faster and safer onboarding process.


Need Seamless Bank to Bank Payments?

Looking for bank-to-bank transfer capabilities and don't have a payment processor yet? Check out our Payments API for a money movement solution.

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Let your customers connect their bank accounts directly to your application using their internet or mobile banking credentials by giving informed consent; this ensures a faster and safer onboarding experience. Okra Auth allows you to validate a user with their bank retrieve their bank account information, making it easy for them to transfer money to or from their bank account.

Before you can provide services to your user, you have to ensure that they are the owner of their account, and that the information they provided to you with is authentic. Our Auth product works across all banks and when used in tandem with our other products like Identity, can help fight fraud and manage risk for every customer.

It only takes seconds to authenticate your customer with their bank in real-time.

Authenticate for Payments


Check a customer's Balance before debiting

Avoid NSF's by checking a customer's balance before debiting their account.

For example, your app might allow users to accumulate a credit balance that they can cash out to a bank account, or it might allow users to pay you using their bank account information. Using Okra Auth, a user can provide this information in a frictionless way, without having to look up and type their account numbers. Okra Auth helps you to verify that the information provided is correct, reducing the risk of invalid data being entered. Okra also offers options to transfer money with your existing payment partners and avoid having to store a user's bank account information at all.

Auth Schema




Unique Auth ID (Unique Okra Identifier)


Customer Authentication Status


Unique Bank ID (Unique Okra Identifier)

See Bank Availability ]


Unique Customer ID (Unique Okra Identifier)

See Manage Customers ]


Unique Record ID (Unique Okra Identifier)

See Records


Unique Company ID (Unique Okra Identifier) (Your Client Token)


Okra API env the Auth was pulled from production or production-sandbox


Date of Authentication


Last Date of Authentication

Auth Endpoints

For a list of Auth endpoints, visit Auth reference

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