App builder

Use the app builder to test and tailor what your users see when they link their bank account to your app.


Via the dashboard, using the app builder feature, you can customize the Okra widget. You can configure the widget using the following settings:

Color scheme

You can configure the color scheme used in the widget to match your company's brand colors or website color scheme via the Background Color setting.

Text strings

You can change the text shown on some of the screens to customize the wording to your app.


You can select the lists of products and services you want to use with your Okra widget.

Financial institutions

Okra recommends a default list of financial institutions whose logos are shown on the bank selection screen. However, you can select the financial industries and institutions you intend to pull your data from.

Alternatively, you can customize the list of institutions by choosing the Custom option, but this option may result in a lower conversion.


You can select various add-ons like Payment Authentication and Manual Authentication and include them into your widget.


Compose a unique message your users will see when they take action on the widget.


Add unique properties like currency time, support mail, widget expiration, etc.

You can preview your changes in realtime and then publish them instantly once you're ready to go live

How it works

  1. Visit here and signup.
  2. After verification, log in.
  3. Tap "Create an app"
  1. Choose from either using a template or starting from scratch.
  1. Build the widget to your taste, with tons of customizations and add-ons
  1. Copy the link or copy the code, to embed it in your app.

Try your hands on building your own access point to collect financial data from your customers, with zero code today!