API Overview

All in one guide for integrating with Okra API endpoints

Get API Access

To gain access to the Okra API, create an account on the Okra developer dashboard. Once you’ve completed the signup process and acknowledged our terms, we’ll provide a live client_token and secret via the Dashboard.

API Headers

The Okra API uses POST and GET requests to communicate and HTTP response codes to indicate status and errors. All responses come in standard JSON. All requests must include a Content-Type of application/json and the body must be valid JSON.

Every Okra API request expects a bearer token as the 'Authorization' header. The secret key should be used as the bearer token. You can find your secret key here.

API Host

Base URL






The Sandbox (production-sandbox) environment is unrestricted and supports only test Items. The Production environment supports unlimited Records (API Calls) an 100 free to get started. All testing should be done in the Sandbox. All activity in the Production environment (after the first 100 calls) will be billed. When you’re getting ready to launch into Production, request Production API access via the dashboard.

Client Libraries

See the client libraries page for more information on Okra's client libraries.

What's Next

Make sure you're using the correct version of the API, or start managing callbacks & webhooks.

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