6 common integration mistakes and how to avoid them

Here are some of the most common integration mistakes we see developers make while integrating Okra and how to avoid them

1. Not setting up webhooks

Listen to us, you have to use webhooks, well do not have to, but you should. it’s our number one recommendation to engineers. We send webhooks for everything so you can’t go wrong and we’ve written a lot about how to [set up a webhook](https://docs.okra.ng/docs/webhook-overview.

2. Not saving the necessary ids

IDs are how you can fetch a connected user’s account. you should be saving the required IDs on your side so you can use the ids with our several endpoints. [Read more](https://docs.okra.ng/docs/5-types-of-ids-in-okra-you-should-know-about) about IDs.

3. Using the wrong API keys

You will be unable to use the widget or API if you use the wrong API keys. Read more info here about using the right API keys. Read about [API keys](https://docs.okra.ng/docs/understanding-api-keys).

4. Not setting up wallet threshold

Wallet thresholds notify you whenever your okra wallet falls below a certain amount. This ensures that you don't run out of funds while in production, which will prevent your users from being able to link their accounts. You can set a wallet threshold on the dashboard here
  1. Not having a timeline for integration

    It’s important to set objectives and timelines as you integrate. Okra also provides necessary technical support to help you meet your set timelines. reach out to [email protected] to learn more and check the integration checklist.

  2. Not reading the docs