March 2022

Let's march forward together, our new SDK's and other updates😎

🎉 New

  • Default widget to list view
    When customers are selecting their bank on the Okra widget, the default display of banks is now a list view instead of the previous card view. Customers will now be able to search and identify their bank quickly.

  • React Native SDK
    With Okra’s upgraded React Native SDK, you can build great open finance apps that work seamlessly for both Android and iOS devices. Learn how to integrate Okra into your React Native app in less than 5 minutes here.

💪 Improved

Not a week goes by where we don't find a typo we needed to fix - and this fortnight wasn't any different!

  • Updated API file for ALAT web to prevent errors.

  • Refactored Kuda Bank for data linking.

  • Refactored how identity photos are saved to prevent errors.

  • Resolved issues causing transactions to not pull for certain banks - Suntrust mobile, FCMB mobile, and Wema Bank.

⚠️ Deprecated

No fields scheduled to be deprecated

🐞 Fixed

  • Fixed an OTP error on Fidelity Bank web.

  • Fixed a null error for Suntrust web.

  • Fixed login issues on Zenith Bank web and mobile.

  • Fixed widget error for Providus Bank.

  • Fixed an error for Globus Bank that was causing failed connections even with valid login credentials.

  • Resolved various GTBank authentication, transactions, and payment issues.

  • Fixed technical error on payment authorization only widget.