April - May 2022

No April Fool's jokes here... we promise... May the fourth be with you 🤓

🎉 New

  • Dashboard updates
    For users with a large amount of data, the previous dashboard could experience some issues such as long loading times on tables, long wait times for data exports, and delayed navigation when moving through multiple pages very quickly.

  • App Builder
    The app builder layout has been refreshed in order to accommodate the new options and capabilities that are added to the API each month. Some highlights include:

            • Templates based on common configurations
            • Quick build to get started quickly with testing or experimentation
            • Bank customizations
            • Additional product options
  • Auto top-up
    The previous version of the dashboard enabled on-demand wallet top-ups and notifications when the wallet is close to depletion.

  • NUBAN Name Verify
    We created this endpoint as a streamlined version of Okra Identity for those that don’t require a full KYC profile during onboarding. It allows you to send a NUBAN and a bank ID and get the BVN and full name of the account holder.

  • Tables and exporting
    We’ve redesigned our data table component to provide clarity on the information presented and help you filter for insights and export data faster.

  • Updated Python and Flutter SDKs
    We updated our Python and Flutter SDKs to improve the experience of how you connect to Okra within your Python and Flutter applications. To get started with these SDKs, check out the docs - Python and Flutter.

  • Get Payment Status by Metadata
    We created an endpoint that allows you to query payment statuses based on metadata that was included in the payment initiation.

  • We've introduced a new optional input includePeriodic to the Balance endpoints that give the option to remove the periodic balances from the response:

💪 Improved

  • Improved Zenith Bank web and mobile.

  • Updated API for ALAT web for error prevention.

  • FCMB corporate account improvements.

  • Improved Eco bank authentication for all individual account types.

⚠️ Deprecated

• No fields scheduled to be deprecated

🐞 Fixed

  • Fixed Kuda Bank for data linking issues.