February 2022

Quick payments and many more updates this month. 😊.

🎉 New

  • Added a bank statuses endpoint so you can confirm bank status before making a call.

  • We created an endpoint to enable canceling a payment before the request is sent to the bank. If the payment is completed already when a client tries to cancel it, the endpoint will trigger a refund instead.

  • Quick payments
    We launched a simplified widget experience for payments to minimize the number of steps the user has to go through to make a payment. With this configuration, returning users will not have to go through the entire widget flow anymore, they simply go through a verification or MFA screen before instantly processing the transaction.

  • Open widget to a specific bank
    We streamlined the widget flow for use cases where you already know which bank account the end-user has and want to send them directly to that bank login on the widget rather than letting them choose from the list of banks. This direct-to-bank behavior will save the user some screens and ensure they connect to the intended account.

💪 Improved

Not a week goes by where we don't find a typo we needed to fix - and this fortnight wasn't any different!

  • Added link IDs to reports so you can differentiate and have better visibility for tracking.

  • Improved Suntrust bank availability.

  • Refactored TIN and RC verification for scalability

  • Refactored Access Bank web authentication for web banking.

  • Improved results for income on accounts with limited transactions.

  • Improvements on callback endpoint to get balance. Removing the ‘null’ errors.

⚠️ Deprecated

No fields scheduled to be deprecated

🐞 Fixed

  • Fixed a First Bank connection issue that was causing a “Maximum attempts” error to show on the first attempt.
  • Refactor all image and file uploads.
  • Removed a technical error from Zenith bank business accounts.