2023 March Docs News

Welcome to Okra's documentation changelog! Docs News is the periodic changelog that provides information about new and updated content in Okra's developer documentation. For the sake of transparency, issue fixes and removed content are also listed.

:page-facing-up: New pages

:recycle: Updated pages

  • Identity guide
    • This guide now has an improved content structure and a bit more clarity around how you can use the Identity API operations.
  • Spending Patterns API reference
    • The response examples for operations that return data for multiple users are now up to date.

:hammer: Fixes

:x: Deprecated pages

  • The operations for Identity validation through RC, TIN, and RC & TIN have been removed from the API reference.
  • The Enhanced balance operation is now removed from the API reference.
  • The contents of the Validate customers page are now part of the revamped Identity guide.