Updates to the Identity API

The Identity API now features 2 new endpoint operations.

These operations provide a more streamlined identity verification workflow, and enable you to avoid duplicate API calls for the same user. Browse the Identity API overview page to understand the new worklow, and what best practices Okra recommends when using the API.

:page-facing-up: New pages

Get identity by BVN and Get identity by NUBAN

  • Added 200 sample responses
  • Added response schemas with clear field descriptions
  • Added error response samples for all error scenarios: 400, 401, 422, and 503

:recycle: Updated pages

Identity guide

  • This guide now includes the new workflow that you can use with the new Identity API endpoint operations.

Identity API overview - best practices

  • This page now includes several recommendations on how to avoid duplicate API calls when using the Identity API, and also some best practices that you can follow in your implementation.