2023-05-11 Docs News

Welcome to Okra's documentation changelog! You can find information about the most recent Docs changes in this post.

:page-facing-up: New pages

  • Okra has introduced a new API overview page. Use this page to understand how you can interact with Okra’s API, and what best practices you can adopt to make the most of your integration.
  • The /wallet endpoint now has an overview page in the API reference. Browse this page to understand how Okra's wallets work, how you can manage your wallets, and what operations you can use to retrieve information about your wallets.
  • The FAQs now have a dedicated section for billing, and wallet-related information. Browse these FAQs if you have any questions about how billing works at Okra.

:recycle: Updated pages

:hammer: Fixes

  • Unused schema references are now removed from Okra's OpenAPI Specification. This enables an increased performance when using the API reference.
  • A missing query parameter is now added to the Get bank by ID operation.

:x: Deprecated pages

  • Unused operations are now deprecated from the /wallet endpoint documentation.
  • The /reports endpoint is now deprecated from the documentation.

Visit the documentation, or get in touch with Okra’s support team if you have any questions.